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Social media marketing is your vehicle to access a new audience outside Google's scope. We are the social ad specialist you've been waiting for!

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Brand awareness… online selling… more visitors and leads… this is where social media marketing makes a huge difference. It’s a crucial part of your growth. But to do it right and get real results, you need the time, the expertise, and the right strategy. Otherwise, you will lose unnecessary money, time, or get poor results.

Scalable model

Social media marketing is scalable. Reinvest your profits into online ads to snowball your growth.

Daily monitoring

We monitor your campaign daily! As a result, we act immediately when there are opportunities or threats. 

Online advertising experts

We are a recognized specialist in Google Ads and social advertising.

Think about online advertising on Google Ads or social ads: the most effective and affordable form of advertising. Or optimized social media posts, to get the best out of all the unique algorithms every platform has. Getting people engaged, interested, known with your brand and converted into customers is not as simple as it seems

Social media is not only very powerful for advertising. It has become a research tool as well. What will they find about you? Before someone wants your products, services, or anything else you have to offer, they do research online. Why would they choose you instead of someone else? What is the image and reputation that people experience from you?

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Why Can We Help You?

Yes, almost everyone can use social media. But for the best or fastest results, and to prevent wasting time and money, you need social media specialists with a heart for your company. Who only want the best for you and therefore deliver the most valuable outcomes possible.

As Mark’d, our company is our lifestyle. It’s not our job. It’s our passion, our dream. From the start till the end of the day, we are working on creating effective ad campaigns, manage all platforms and strategies for our clients, and use A/B testing to keep improving what we do. From using different words, to different ads: there is always a way to make a (great) strategy even better.

Your online journey needs to be in good hands and you’ll need a personal approach. We are making hand-crafted strategies for each single client. Based on your marketing goals and everything we ask you and talk about in our first meeting, we will send you a proposal with what we can do to make you grow. When we both agree, your online success can begin!  

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The facts speak for themselves

Why Mark'd Agency is trusted by 35 brands to manage their social media ads and management

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Other Interesting Facts About Social Media

  • On average, Google Ads deliver 100% ROI (so you your investment gets doubled!)
  • Social media has 3.5 billion users (and it keeps growing)
  • Per day, every user spends about 142 minutes on social media
  • 83% of Instagram users discover new products on Instagram

  • Facebook drives 23% of all traffic across the internet
  • 2 billion users visit YouTube every single day
  • 50% of Pinterest users purchased items from promoted pins
  • 80% of the users on Twitter feel more positive about your business when their tweet is replied

  • Tiktok has 689 million monthly users internationally
  • You can reach all age groups and demographics via social media
  • Walmart is getting a market equivalent of 1000% higher ROI through social media ads than traditional ad campaigns.
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