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Welcome to our about us page! This is where we will tell you about our agency and ourselves – the best way we can.

First of all, what does Mark'd mean? This is a question we get sometimes. Mark'd stands for 'marked' and 'remarkable'. We want you to be marked or remarkable online. The fun thing is that Mark's name is in there too!

 For us, online marketing is the best way to follow our mission and dream which is to give companies and brands the attention and growth they deserve. With our company, we feel like we can help companies even better and make them grow faster. We work with scalable hand-crafted strategies which prevent wasting money and time.

As Mark’d is our lifestyle, we work all day and night on successful ad campaigns, analyzing data, A/B testing, optimized posts for both the algorithm and the audience, and much more.

We live by remote working

We want to be able to work remotely. Therefore, we placed us in an environment to get more inspiration, more movement, and better sleep. This gives us more energy to do the work we do even better. Currently, we live on the wonderful island Schiermonnikoog. Mark visited the island his whole life and he always dreamed of living here. And now, it's true!

You never know how customers will react when you move your business to a new place. Fortunately, all we got were positive reactions. After all, if you have the opportunity to work in an environment that benefits both your health and the business, then it's a no-brainer, right?

You can contact us from morning to evening. WhatsApp us, e-mail us, call us if necessary and we'll be there. Even though you can easily have all meetings online by Teams, Zoom, and so on, we still leave the island every few months to visit our clients. We want to get to know the business, and if it helps to get there physicially - we'll do it!

Tell Me Something About The Owners Of Mark'd!

Mark’d agency is founded by Mark, and he runs it together with Marnelle, the co-owner of Mark’d agency. They have created a network around them with highly skilled individuals to strengthen the agency on specific subjects or when the workload is high. Mark intertwined his name with the word ‘marked’, which for him means that companies are made special and become a part of the family.

Let’s go a bit further back in time. Before Mark’d was there, Mark (the founder) had experienced more than 6 years of working for multiple online marketing companies and doing freelance work. And it was quite frustrating sometimes… He knew his whole life that he wanted to become an entrepreneur, to be able to use al his capabilities and knowledge to help other entrepreneurs grow.

Here’s what Mark says about it:

‘’You want to get the most out of it for the customer. You are an entrepreneur yourself, so you feel what it’s like to have a dream and see it become a reality. It’s frustrating when I did this as an employee that worked for an agency. It felt like they didn’t care, and that the customer is only a number. The personal approach and the person involved with the brand was not present.’’

‘’I wanted to do that differently, to have an agency that picks out his own customers, that builds a loyal relationship with them. No sales managers or account managers in between who promise the world, but can’t do anything. I want you to have direct contact with a marketer who grows your brand.’’

‘’I would rather have fewer customers where I have a special bond with, where I can do the work extra well for and grow together, than having countless customers who don’t know if you can achieve the maximum result. This is because then you have to divide your attention among lots of customers.’’

marketing for luxury living
Marnelle Schipper

What Marnelle says about being co-owner of Mark’d Agency:

''I always wanted to help people, to mean something to them. I coincidently followed the same education as Mark had done before (business administration). Now, this education didn’t bring me the knowledge I wanted to have. It didn’t tell me what I wanted to do in life. I looked for something to specialize in, which was very hard. There were so many things I could do after I graduated.

''I started to know more about online marketing when I met Mark. This was during my third year at the university. What it is exactly, and how you can use it to help people. I wanted to know more and more about it, bombed Mark with questions, took courses and lessons online and read loads of books. The last year of university, I did my graduate internship at a digital marketing agency.''

''I experienced what It’s like to work in a company that doesn’t care about the customer. Maybe harshly said, but they used all kinds of methods, even when they were harmful for the customers. For example: black hat methods, like backlinking.''

''I am someone who wants to build. Someone with a creative spirit. Mark and I had the same vision on so many things, including the business and how we want to do it. And now we’re here. Working together, day in and day out. And I love it.’’

Why We Fell In Love With Online Marketing

For both of us, online marketing  is an exciting sector because it changes weekly, and even daily. We love learning and this gives us the opportunity to learn a lot. In addition, we think it’s a wonderful idea that we make the world much smaller. Because with our content, we can get in contact with people everywhere around the world. Sometimes close by, and sometimes far away. It is also the best way to make your brand visible to a large audience, so that you can help more people and be of more value to the world.

Then We Moved On To Become Social Media Specialists

We are moving towards a social-first era. People no longer search for a brand on Google first, but they go directly to social media to research the brand or product. Social media has become a very important research tool! What will they find about you? People are looking for social proof. They want to find out who you are.

And this trend of social media being a research tool has been strong since the millennial generation, and it will only become stronger as time goes on. However, entrepreneurs from a different generation often have difficulty understanding social media. That is why we want to act as a partner and make your beautiful brick and mortar visible on social media.

You can look at social media like it’s a window, through which the consumer can take a look inside and sniff the experience behind your product or service. The consumer is looking for a reason to trust you. Again, the consumer is looking for social proof. Every social media platform has its own algorithm. In order words, you can also say that every platform has its own unique social media, if that makes sense. To keep up with the latest changes and stay up to date, it requires an expert.

For Every Generation!

No matter your generation and understanding of social media, there are always two important reasons to make use of social media specialists: time and efficiency.

Do you have the time for this? Can you be as efficient as possible, and get the most out of it?  The social media marketing world changes so fast.

 You need to keep up with all your knowledge. Luckily, we love to learn, so it’s no problem for us to stay up to date. What worked for you a week ago could change within a month.

There's No Shortcut

Also, what works for someone else, doesn’t work for you. Even if it’s in the same niche (which is a mistake entrepreneurs or companies make). There’s not just one shortcut or method to get success on social media. It all depends on you and your company. What do you want to achieve? When we know your marketing goals, budget, who your audience is and everything else you tell us, we can make a hand-crafted strategy.