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50 Canva Fonts You Must Try Out! Ultimate Guide

September 3, 2021

Best Canva Fonts

Canva is one of the best free designing software on planet earth. It leveled the playfield between small businesses without designers and large enterprises with designers. You can use Canva fonts to make charts, social media posts, infographics, to stand out! But how does your content stand out? In today's article, I will show you 50 Canva fonts that you need to try out.

In this article:

  • Ultimate Canva fonts list
  • The best Canva font pairs
  • Canva fonts that look like handwriting
  • Are the Canva Pro fonts worth it?

Let’s give your viewer a font they cannot resist!

50 best Canva fonts – Ultimate list

In this ultimate Canva fonts list, the focus lays on readability and differentiation. Often creators make the mistake of making their fonts too fancy. Of course, it looks great but you want your audience to be able to read your text. That’s why I selected the best readable, yet fun fonts.

There are 3 types of fonts:

  1. Headings
  3. Paragraph

Headings: heading are meant to attract the attention of your reader. A good heading must grab attention and also have good readability. Bolded text is often a good choice. Additionally, make sure it’s a clean design like Roboto bold or Open Sans bold. A heading always contains valuable information or a trigger. So, it’s your job to make sure your reader receives this information in the best possible way.

DISPLAY: display fonts are the only type of fonts that are allowed to have slightly worse readability. A display font is meant to attract ATTENTION. It needs to be loud and visible. A couple of fonts to try out are Anton, Wedges, and Candal.

Paragraph: a paragraph font should focus on readability. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Better yet, it shouldn’t be fancy because it would only exhaust your reader. A few good paragraph fonts to consider: Roboto, Oswald, Rosario, and Crimson Pro.

Below you will find the ultimate Canva font list. I mixed headings, display, and paragraph because the differences between fonts are very subtle. For instance, if I paired all the paragraph fonts, then you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  

Canva Fonts Ultimate List

Check out these amazing Canva fonts combinations

A Canva font on its own can make your design stand out, but did you know that the right Canva font pairs are more effective? Your eye notices a difference and therefore it attracts your attention. That’s why it’s a good strategy to use different fonts for your heading and subheading. In this chapter, you’ll see a couple of examples of good Canva font combinations.

Classy Canva font combinations

Canva font combination: Radley & Pinyon Script

For a classy font combination, you make your headline clean and subtle and your subheading can be a bit more flamboyant. You want your two fonts to be opposites, yet also synergize with each other. Therefore make sure that one of them is calm and clean, and the other energetic, fun, or strange. Lastly, use classy colors like grey and black to back your font combination up. 

classy canva font combination

Cute Canva font pairs

Canva font pair: Chewy and Sensei

Don’t overdesign when you want to make cute Canva font pairs. It’s difficult to resist but you shouldn’t make your design too pretty. Your heading should always be clear and readable because it contains important information for your reader. You can be a little more playful with the subheading and use fonts that are more difficult to read. However, it still needs to be readable… To give a cute feeling to our picture, we also made use of a light pink and yellow color. Did you know that yellow stands for friendliness?

cute canva font pairs

Modern Canva fonts combinations

Canva font combinations: Squada One and Rosario

The modern Canva font combination is probably the easiest style to accomplish. Modern is another word for minimalistic. You want to make your design as clean, sober, and clear as possible. Its tidiness is the differentiation factor. Although you want to keep it clean and sober, don't use the same font for both heading and subheading. You still need to attract the reader's eye through contrary font displays. You'll want to go easy with the color opposites in this case. Minimalistic design often relies on a white background and calm (sub)heading colors.

Modern canva font combinations

Canva fonts that look like handwriting

I’ve handpicked 3 Canva fonts that look like handwriting. Handwriting fonts are very tricky because there are many fonts with bad readability. These handwriting fonts look personal and have good readability. Go ahead and try them out. By the way, LeoHand is my favorite handwriting font.

best handwritten fonts

Are Canva fonts free for commercial use?

Yes, all free photos, music, and video files on Canva can be used for free for commercial and noncommercial use. However, if the file contains an identifiable person, place, logo, or trademark, then you should check out the source or contact Canva to make sure it’s ok to use.

Canva copy right policy

Canva copy right policy

Canva Instagram Example

So what does a good example of Canva font pairings look like? Below you will find an example of the Canva Instagram template. I used a heading font type together with a paragraph font. To strengthen the design, I’ve also used color opposites to create contrast. With this technique, you unconsciously attract the eye of Instagram users.

Canva font combinations:

  • Mercedes Benz is Chunk Five
  • A passion for speed is Cooper Hewitt
  • Live life on the edge is Squada One
Canva Instagram example

Canva Pro pricing

Canva Pro allows you to make use of more fonts, but is it worth the price? In this chapter, I will walk you through the benefits of Canva Pro vs the free version. You will get an honest analysis that will allow you to make the right decision for you. Canva Pro gives you access to premium fonts, elements, photos, and more. To keep our focus straight, we will look strictly at features that affect our Canva font possibilities.

With Canva Pro you get access to:

  • 3000+ fonts instead of 1700
  • 420k templates instead of 220k
  • Schedule posts
  • Design as a team
  • Resize your designs

And yes, the extra fonts and templates are worth the price. You can tell the difference between the free version and the paid version. It's just looking better and more advanced. Especially if you use Canva professionally, then you'll want your content to look as good as possible. Canva Pro is also a good option for social media experts. Adobe Photoshop is advanced and you can make beautiful designs, however, it takes a lot of time. With Canva Pro you can make professional social media posts in a matter of minutes and also schedule the post. Canva is very affordable with a price of just below $10 per month if you pay yearly.

Canva pro pricing

Should I pay Canva Pro monthly or yearly?

If you are certain you are going to use Canva Pro for a long period, then it might be interesting to pay yearly. If you pay yearly for Canva Pro you will receive a 24% discount. For students, teachers, and nonprofits there is an option to apply for a free Canva Pro plan. You can find more information at: https://www.canva.com/canva-for-nonprofits/ or https://www.canva.com/education/

Start your free Canva Pro trial!

If you are considering using Canva Pro, please first use the trial. It lets you experience all the benefits of Canva Pro for free. Canva Pro is fantastic if you want to design posts and banners fast. It has a large template library from which you can benefit. However, as with any tool, it's a matter of preference. Some people are satisfied with the standard features of Canva and others want more. That's why I always recommend trying the software out yourself. Only you can tell whether you like the software. Canva Pro also comes with a lengthy trial of 30-days. So why wouldn’t you give it a shot?

Canva pro free trial

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