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Confrontation Matrix – FAST Guide

January 12, 2021

Confrontation Matrix Example

The Confrontation Matrix is an important next step after the SWOT analysis. The matrix shows with colors how well your brand fits the market. It will show you in a quick overview where you will find opportunities and where there are potential problems. If your brand doesn't fit the market (yet) then it might be wise to alter your marketing strategy.

In today’s article you will learn:

  • What the confrontation matrix is
  • How you can use to strengthen your brand
  • To make your own confrontation matrix FAST

Enough chitchat, let’s make you a confrontation matrix!

confrontation matrix template

What Is A Confrontation Matrix?

The confrontation matrix is a model where the market and your business come together. It will put the key factors from the SWOT analysis of the external market against your brand’s internal factors.

The main goal of the confrontation matrix is to confront your business with the market. Are you matching the market or are there potential problems? If you fit the market well we call this: market fit. Don’t worry if you conclude that your business doesn’t fit the market as well as you would have hoped for. After all, you are making this confrontation matrix to improve your business and brand. The issues that you will find can be used to optimize your business plan and marketing strategy.

SWOT Analysis – The Input For Your Matrix

The SWOT analysis and the confrontation matrix work closely together. The SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. You identify your own strengths and weaknesses on a micro level and link them to the opportunities and threats from the market on a meso and macro level. You will do this by making an internal analysis and an external analysis.

Learn how to make a SWOT Analysis here: https://markdagency.com/swot-analysis-step-by-step/

After you made your SWOT you will use its information as input for your confrontation matrix. We will show you how to do this in the next chapter. But first, it's important to understand what we are going to do exactly.

We are going to do the following things when we make our matrix:

  • From the SWOT we take the 3 most important of every factor. So 3 from the Strengths, 3 Weaknesses, 3 Opportunities, and 3 Threats. The will keep our matrix clear and easy to analyze
  • Afterward, we are going to confront the internal key factors with the external ones and rate them with scores from -2 to 2. More about the scoring system in the next chapter
  • We will mark positive findings within the matrix with green and potential problems with red

The confrontation matrix is meant as a quick map to identify your chances and weaknesses as a business within the market. It’s an important tool to use but you shouldn’t base your entire marketing strategy on it. The confrontation matrix is meant to give you general guidance. Your marketing plan should be built upon multiple models and perspectives.

Confrontation Matrix Template 

It’s time to make your confrontation matrix! Are you ready? It’s exactly quite a simple process, so we can have your matrix done in a few minutes. Let’s start right away.

In our fictional example, we are going to look at Petra's Pet Store. We are using the input from the SWOT analysis and fill these in under their designated place. If you look at the example below you will see that the external market factors (horizontal ones) are being confronted with Petra’s internal factors (vertical ones). It’s basically the internal analysis being confronted with the external analysis.

Now you are going to look at how these internal factors do within the external market. For instance, Petra has great marketing and the external market is showing potential in high ticket items. How would you rate this? Exactly, marketing will help sell these high ticket items therefore it gets the score of 2 (very positive).

In another example, you see that Petra is having small sales margins. The external market is seeing a trend in which these margins are lowering even further. Obviously, this is very bad for Petra as she was already struggling with her margins. This could bring her closer to a break-even point or even making a loss if she doesn't adjust her marketing plan!

A confrontation matrix is a great tool to quickly view whether your business is a market fit or not. But you don't have to score green on every single confrontation. If it does show that, you have probably rated too positively. Every business has its strengths and weaknesses. Petra's weakness lays within fighting with big companies over margins. Her strengths lays within the higher ticket items like bio pet food. Specializing in her pet shop gives her a good market fit for a niche within the market. She would be wise to keeps investing in her marketing to promote her bio foods.

The confrontation is a great and fast tool to look where you stand within the market. I hope it will help you create the brand you deserve!

Confrontation Matrix Example

Confrontation Matrix Example

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