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What is Facebook Touch? – Social Media Expert

August 31, 2021

Facebook Touch

What is Facebook Touch and should it matter to you? Facebook is the most popular social media platform on earth. According to Statista, 69% of Americans use Facebook daily. With that amount of users, does it surprise you that Facebook had to integrate different versions of its platform? People use different devices and have different user preferences. Maybe the Facebook Touch functionalities suit you the best?  

After reading this article you will know:

  • What Facebook Touch is
  • Pros and cons
  • Facebook Touch vs Facebook mTouch
  • Where to download Facebook Touch

Let’s introduce you to the pros and cons of FB Touch!

What is Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch used to be a separate application for Facebook designed by a third-party developer called H5 Applications. The idea was to make a Facebook version that was better designed for touchscreen devices like your mobile phone or tablet. Nowadays the mobile version of Facebook is very good, but this wasn’t always the case. It lacked functionalities and the Touch app offered these.

But what about today? Is it still relevant? There is still a good argument to choose for Facebook Touch rather than the Facebook app. The old Touch app has disappeared and I suspect Facebook made it a priority to get rid of it. Instead, we have a web version of Touch. The biggest pro of the web version vs the app is the usage of memory and battery. The Facebook app is a massive drainer of your mobile phone. By using the Facebook Touch web version you don’t store anything directly on your phone and this will save you memory and battery time.  

The other benefit of the Facebook Touch web version is convenience. I never understood why Facebook made a Facebook app and a separate messenger. It’s just not practical… With Touch, you can browse Facebook and chat with people at the same time. No switching between apps, it works just like the desktop Facebook.  

Facebook Touch vs Facebook mTouch

Back in the day, there was a clear distinction between Touch and Facebook mTouch. MTouch was designed for mobile phones and optimized its speed to enable fast loading times. However, today it feels like there isn’t anything between Facebook Touch or mTouch. I decided to check whether or not my feeling was justified. So, I inserted the links of both Touch and mTouch into Google Page Speed Insights. Take a look below.

Facebook touch page speed insights

Above you see the page speed insights of the normal FB Touch URL. It has a score of 87 with a speed index of 2.8, first contentful paint of 2.8, and a time to interactive of 2.9s.

Facebook mtouch

The second screenshot shows the statistics of mTouch. It has a total score of 88 with a speed index of 2.5, first contentful paint of 2.5, and a time to interactive of 2.9s.

What does this mean? It means that the page speed of Touch is equal to mTouch. There is a slightly better score for mTouch, but it suggests that the deviation is random and not caused by having an alternative structure. The scores fluctuate per search but if you look at the data, then it’s obvious that Touch and mTouch are identical. Why? Because the speed index is related to the first contentful paint in both cases. That suggests that the structuring and designing are identical.

To conclude: you can use both Touch and Facebook mTouch. The difference in speed was noticeable in the old days but not in the present. It looks like Facebook has shrunk the number of Facebook versions and combined a lot of old versions into one final version.

Benefits of FB Touch

So what are the benefits of FB Touch?

  • Better user experience because of fast loading and easy navigating system. It's designed to unstress your device and minimize energy usage.
  • You can use Facebook messenger within the browser version whilst optimized for devices. This is a massive benefit in my opinion because the Facebook messenger is highly inefficient. In this way, you can browse through Facebook and chat in the same tab.
  • Because it’s a web version, FB touch doesn’t cost you memory or passively drains your battery while running in the background.

Facebook Touch download

Like we explained in the chapter about what FB Touch is, it used to be an app that could be downloaded from the Google Play Store. However, the app disappeared and I suspect it was Facebook’s doing to get rid of any third-party messing with their software. Today, there is no download available through the proper channels. You could look for websites that work with other third-party software providers, however, I don’t recommend this. It’s a security risk I wouldn’t want to take. Besides, Facebook has integrated the Facebook Touch design into a web version.

Here you can find Facebook Touch.

Facebook Touch login in 3 steps

It's easy to make use of Touch since Facebook has integrated it with its web version. Simply follow these steps and discover Facebook Touch for yourself! Just be sure to open it on a tablet or mobile phone because it doesn't work properly on a desktop.

  1. Go to Facebook Touch
  2. Enter your email address (or phone number) & password
  3. Sign in

There you go! You can now make use of a touchscreen-optimized version of Facebook.


To conclude, Facebook Touch used to be an innovative application designed by a third party to significantly improve your Facebook experience on a touchscreen. It had functionalities that the mobile version of Facebook didn't have. Nowadays, the mobile version is extremely good and this is why FB Touch hasn't been used much anymore. When it comes to speed, there's almost zero difference between Touch and  mTouch (which was specially designed for mobile phones). This means that you can use both.

You can still decide to use FB Touch, as it does have some good benefits like an easy navigating system, fast loading, and since it’s a web version it wouldn’t passively drain your battery whilst running in the background. Another benefit is that you can browse through Facebook and chat in the same tab. 

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