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Instagram Story Viewer – 7 Apps To Watch Anonymously!

July 19, 2021

Instagram Story Viewer

Do you want to check out a story on Instagram without the page owner knowing? Then an Instagram Story Viewer might be the solution where you are looking for. Instagram story viewer is a free online tool that enables you to watch Instagram stories anonymously. You can check out Instagram stories from any Instagram account with public settings.

In this article you will learn:

Ready to turn into Sherlock Holmes? Good, let’s start.

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are videos or pictures that you can display for 24 hours. Why is the availability limited? Because it creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). People don’t want to miss out on the latest story their favorite actor uploaded. That’s one of the secrets why Instagram stories work so well.

More than 500 million Instagram users are using Instagram stories. Stories increased the average time spent in-app to 30 minutes per day. Stories aren’t just highly popular among users but it’s also a favorite marketing tool for brands. Popular brands like Nike create amazing stories to inspire people and create brand awareness around the globe. Furthermore, many small e-commerce sites have become huge through Instagram. And lastly, there are also plenty of solopreneurs who benefit from the reach of Instagram stories.

Instagram stories have become a popular marketing tool for social media marketers. It's a great tool to reach a new audience based on hashtags but also geolocation. Business owners should definitely consider investing in Instagram stories, especially if they are active within retail. Additionally, Instagram can be a great side hustle if you want to earn $1000 per month extra.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously?

Instagram doesn’t offer you a way to watch Instagram stories anonymously. That’s why you need a third-party software provider that extracts the story you want to see without leaving a trace leading back to you. And good news! Multiple developers offer you this service for free. You simply enter the username in the search bar and you'll be able to check the story.

Important note: the Instagram account you want to check out must be set on public. It’s impossible to check out private profiles.

Pros & cons of using Instagram story viewer

In this chapter, I will give you a clear overview of the pros and cons are of using an Instagram story viewer. Like with any tool, there are up and downsides to it and you should know them before you are going to use a tool. Firstly, you'll see a summary of all the pros and cons. Secondly, I will talk you through the different pros and cons.


  • You can watch Instagram stories anonymously
  • Save Instagram stories, highlights, and photos
  • Full account backup (premium tools)
  • Parental control
  • Most tools are free


  • You can’t use it on private accounts
  • Not every developer is legit


A story viewer is not only a great tool to anonymously check out profiles but also for managing your own content. You can save stories, highlights, and photos to distribute them on different social media platforms. Furthermore, with premium tools, you can make backups of your content in case you are getting hacked. A good story viewer is more than just a spying tool. It can help you distribute and protect your own content. In any case, proper research is a necessity because there are tools that are less morally guided.  

The 7 best Instagram story viewers of 2021

To give you a couple of Instagram story viewers to try out, we've tested 5 of the most popular and renowned Instagram story viewing tools. The tools are selected by a user-friendly interface, fast loading time, and additional features. Additionally, it was important to select story viewers who are trustworthy and secure. Therefore we only make use of free tools that don’t require account registration or data collection.

#1. Qoob Stories (recommended) – The best Instagram story viewer of 2021!

Qoob started as an all-in-one mass Instagram downloader. The founders love Instagram but were disappointed with the loss of your precious Instagram moments. Therefore they created Qoob Stories as their Instagram viewer and mass-downloader tool. Qoob was developed to be simple to use yet handle advanced tasks when needed. Through the years Qoob Stories increased its intelligence and became one of the industry leaders in Instagram story viewing and mass downloading.

It’s the most advanced and complete Instagram story viewer & downloader for a fair price.

Important note: this is an affiliate link. I share in the profit of the product, however, I only recommend this product because I believe in its value. There are many good and free variants to use instead of Qoob. The value of Qoob lays within its automation and advanced features. 

Premium features of Qoob Stories  – Great for both individuals & content creators

1. Instagram story viewing & downloading: the core function of Qoob Stories, Instagram story viewing and downloading. You can simply start viewing stories by entering the username in the search bar in the app. It will show you the stories you wanted to see and give you the option to download those files.

2. Instagram photo & video download: Besides stories, Qoob lets you download normal posts in high quality. You can save both photos and videos with metadata from Instagram accounts, through hashtags e.g. #photography, and geolocations.

3. Instagram post captions saving: one of the later, yet more exciting, features is the Instagram post captions saving. This feature is great if you want to reuse a caption (or a portion of it) without having to manually rewrite the whole thing.

4. Instagram saved collection download: the main benefit of this feature is the availability of your saved post collections. Normally you can only access them online, but now you can also access them offline and distribute them through different social media platforms.

5. Automatic new content download: you can automate the process of downloading content from your favorite Instagram accounts.

6. Selective Instagram content download: additionally, you can filter the types of content you want to download e.g. stories, highlights, tags, etc.

7. Full Instagram account backup: there is nothing more frustrating than an Instagram bug that deletes your post. With this feature, you can make a full backup of your posts and captions.

8. Instagram tagged posts download: download the Instagram posts you were tagged in to prevent losing this content when the author chooses to.

Qoob stories
Upcoming feature – IGTV video download

Qoob Stories has announced that they will launch their IGVTV video download feature soon. With this feature, you can download IGTV videos. One of the benefits is that you can watch the content offline, however, that's not the biggest opportunity. No, the biggest opportunity is the amount of content that IGTV video download offers. You can download interviews for example and make a compilation. Because it’s a compilation you’ll create unique content and don’t conduct plagiarism.  

Important note: never use Qoob Stories to simply copy other people's content and brand it as your own. You can use the content as a source or create compilations. Always let the creator know that you included their content in your new format and ask for permission.

Qoob Stories pricing

Qoob stories pricing


Starter: with the starter plan you will get all the basic features available to you for free. You’ll be able to download 200 photos and videos per day. Additionally, the number of Instagram profiles you can track is limited to 2. This plan is great if you want to try the software out, or if you just need the basics and are satisfied with 2 profiles you can track.

Personal: the personal plan for €8.47 per month is meant for individuals who want to make use of the Instagram viewer and downloader for personal use. It allows you to track 10 Instagram profiles and download unlimited photos, videos, and tagged posts. You are not allowed to use this plan for commercial ends. Professional marketers and content makers should take a look at the professional plan.

Professional: with the professional plan of €30.25 per month, you'll get permission to use the tool for commercial use. Furthermore, there are no limitations for the features nor will you have a limitation in the number of IG profiles you can track. This plan is meant for professional content creators, marketers, or consultants who work intensively with Instagram stories.

#2. Instastories - Potentially the best free Instagram story viewer

Instastories is the most popular Instagram story viewer. Instastories is designed with the same colors as IG itself, making them feel familiar to the user. They offer a simple and effective tool without charging a dime for it. Yes, you heard that right. Instastories is completely free. You don’t need to register and can instantly access the tool. Additionally, it’s 100% anonymous because data is not being stored. Lastly, Instastories allows you to download the files to your pc, phone, or laptop and open the files with your preferred media player.

So what can you do?

  • View Instagram profiles anonymously
  • Download stories, highlights, live broadcasts, hashtags
  • Instastories is responsive – it works on desktop, tablet, or phone
  • Videos can be downloaded in high quality (mp4) – photos are jpeg
  • Instastories is completely free

You can visit Instastories here: https://insta-stories.online/

Instagram story viewer insta-stories

#3. Dumpor – Analyze Instagram content

Dumpor is a typical no-nonsense Instagram viewing tool. Besides the beautifully designed website, there isn't a lot of distraction for you. Simply enter the IG username in the search bar and click on search. Dumpor is completely free to use. If you lack inspiration, scroll down and you’ll find popular Instagram profiles and hashtags you could check out.  However, Dumpor differs from other Instagram story viewers on one major point… 

Dumpor instagram story viewer and downloader

What makes Dumpor unique?

Just like with any other tool, you can download content, browse profiles anonymously, check out hashtags & geolocations. Additionally, you don’t need to register for an account. However, there is one additional feature that Dumpor offers which you find in the other tools. We are talking about Instagram analysis. You’ll be able to analyze Instagram profiles, likes, comments, followers, and more. This level of insight could help you improve your Instagram strategy. Not bad for a free tool, right?

Visit Dumpor at: https://dumpor.com/

#4. Instalkr (now Storistalker) – Watch deleted content

Storistalker (previously Instalkr) is an online service that lets you anonymously see other IG user's likes, comments, posts, subscriptions, and more. When we take a look at the dashboard, it gives us a fresh and friendly design. However, there are multiple typos and the voice of tone isn't really my style. It feels shady, however, we tested the tool and it works great. Furthermore, you don't need an account or leave any other crucial data behind. 

What can you do?

  • Anonymously view Instagram stories
  • Track your account changes and statistics
  • View deleted posts (for instance, from celebrities)
  • Save and download stories, highlights, photos, and videos
  • It’s free to use

The feature to view deleted posts is something that adds massive value to Storistalker. Without this feature, I would have ranked Storistalker around positions 6-7. Mainly because the site is full of typos and a spammy tone of voice. However, the feature richness and free availability of the tool changed my mind. That’s why position #4 seems fair to me.

Check Storistalker here: https://storistalker.com/

instalkr storistalker

Is Instalkr (storistalker) legit?

Their voice of tone and many typos are not something I like. It gives me a shady feeling and doesn’t build trust. However, Instalkr aka Storistalker has been around for quite some time. I assume Google would have acted if the site was harmful. They have more than 80.000 visitors per month and are therefore on the radar. Additionally, the tools work very well and I don't have to register or leave any data behind. So I am giving Storistalker the benefit of the doubt and say that they are indeed legit.

Note: never share data or register with free tools. It’s a safety measure that will prevent a lot of pain. Use these tools always from a skeptical point of view.

#5. StoriesDown – Offers great beginner’s guides

StoriesDown is a mass downloader and Instagram story viewer. It has all functionalities that you’ll need, but StoriesDown also offers beginner’s guides on how to properly use Instagram. It’s something that comes as a nice surprise because most tools are like: here you have the tool, good luck! You just miss additional information and education about the tools.

StoriesDown features:

  • No account needed
  • Completely anonymous
  • Download photos & videos in high quality
  • Completely free to use

StoriesDown started as a mass downloader but later on added story viewing to their features. It inherited the IG colors to make it look more trustworthy. Additionally, with their blog, contact us, and remove content menus they try to feel a bit more human to their audience.

Overall, it’s a good but simple Instagram story viewer & downloader. Nothing to fancy and I do miss the advanced features to analyze IG content. Therefore it doesn’t feel unique and certainly doesn’t stand out besides their blog articles. But even the articles are limited and yet against there is no face to the name. If you want a simple and effective tool, StoriesDown is a solid choice. For more advanced tools I would suggest looking into Qoob or Storistalker.

You’ll find the beginner’s guides here: https://storiesdown.com/blog

storiesdown instagram stories viewer

#6. Anonigviewer – New, anonymous, user-friendly

There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Anon IG viewer. Now I know more Instagram story viewers rank high, but we should place things in perspective. Anon IG viewer has only been ranking in Google since march. That shows how young this website is and at what an incredible pace it has grown over these last few months. It's quite remarkable!

The design is clean and the tool works incredibly fast. It's designed to be simple and light to optimize its speed. Anon IG viewer's business model is almost just as simple. They are trying to drive as much traffic as possible through their website and display ads to earn revenue. And to be honest, this is totally fine with me because the ads aren't a nuisance. They are small and placed in a spot where you don't mind.

Furthermore, there is also a blog page where they share updates on their work or offer insight into the world of Instagram. It’s nothing too fancy or comprehensive, but it does show personality and makes me trust the developers more.

How does Anon IG viewer work?

  • Enter the username in the search bar and click on the magnifying glass
  • Anon IG viewer doesn’t track any data on its server
  • You don’t need to register an account
  • The tool is completely free to use

Check out Anon IG Viewer: https://www.anonigviewer.com/

Anon IG viewer for watching stories anonymously

#7. StoriesIG – Arguably the most basic Instagram story viewer

You are probably looking at the picture below and thinking: what the… is that Mark?! And I agree, StoriesIG isn't the most polished or even remotely beautiful looking website. However, bear with me because the tool works like a charm, is fast, and is the most popular IG story viewer of them all. Admittedly, a large portion of its popularity comes from the fact that it has been around for the longest time. Yet, it hasn’t been defeated by the countless waves of new tools.

So what CAN you do with StoriesIG?

  • Share stories on different social media platforms
  • View IG profiles anonymously
  • Save photos and videos
  • IG highlight viewer

StoriesIG is a good starting point for anyone that wants to try out a renowned story viewer that does its job. The tool is free to use and you don’t need to register an account to get started. There are no advanced features like Qoob has and that is kind of a letdown. StoriesIG has been the top dog for a while now but they refuse to innovate their product.

If you don’t want fancy designing but you do want a tool that does the job, StoriesIG might be the right pick for you. It is the oldest tool out there and by far the most popular choice. More than 2.6 million people make use of StoriesIG every single month. In my book, that’s all the social proof one needs!

Check out StoriesIG: https://storiesig.net/

StoriesIG most used instagram story viewer

Instagram story viewer FAQ

To help you understand Instagram story viewer a bit better, I’ve collected the most frequently asked questions and tried to answer as many as possible. It will increase your general knowledge about Instagram story viewer. If your question isn’t included, please leave me a comment below the article

Are Instagram story viewers anonymous?

Yes, Instagram story viewer works 100% anonymous. Most of them don’t even require you to have an account, so there’s no trace leading back to the user.

How to watch stories from a private account?

Simple, you can’t! You can only watch Instagram stories of public accounts because of the privacy regulations. Any tool that claims to be able to check private profiles should be discarded. It’s illegal and something we definitely do not stand for.

What format can files be downloaded in?

Most tools offer you high-quality downloads in png (photos) or mp4 (videos). Alternatively, you can turn the quality down if you don't require high-quality footage. Some of the free tools only offer jpeg (photos) and mp3 (videos) quality. Always make sure to check your file type after the download. 

Is Instagram story viewer safe?

Most of them are safe, however, there are also bad apples. Just make sure you can use the tool without registration. This way you’ll leave the minimum amount of data and nothing valuable for the developers to sell to third parties. 

Does Instagram story viewer work?

Yes, if you use the more popular Instagram story viewers. Many smaller tools are questionable, to say the least. Stay with the big dogs like insta-stories or Qoob Stories

How much does it cost?

Most of the tools are free to use. However, some work with a freemium model. Meaning you can use the tool for free but you have to pay for premium functions like saving Instagram stories. The average price for premium tools is around $10 per month.

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