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Is Pinterest Saturated? – Pinterest Expert

October 1, 2021

is Pinterest saturated

Is Pinterest saturated? Pinterest has been one of the most popular ways to drive traffic to blogs. Alternatively, people use it to promote affiliate products and with success! Therefore the next logical question is whether Pinterest is saturated or not. Can Pinterest still deliver you the amazing traffic you are longing for? And what about promoting your affiliate products?

In this article:

Let’s get you the final answer whether Pinterest is saturated or not!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows you to save inspirational ideas in the form of videos and pictures. These ideas are called Pins and you can save Pins on your pinboard. Pinterest is a highly popular search engine for finding ideas about homes, styling, food, and more. You can make individual boards to save your pins on or share a board with others. It’s relatively easy to get thousands of visitors per month to your page if you do it right. More about this in the topic about Pinterest SEO tips

The impressive growth of Pinterest

Pinterest has been growing impressively for both the stock market and the monthly active users. In this chapter, we are going to take a look at the future perspective of Pinterest. Will this growth mean that Pinterest is saturated? Or is it offering us more opportunities? Let's find out.

We start with a graph about the active monthly users from the past 5 quarters. When you look at the growth ratio, it's pretty mind-blowing how hard Pinterest has been growing. With an average growth ratio of 33%, Pinterest has been growing like crazy. Marketers, including me, have been watching this trend closely because Pinterest has finally become interesting for ad purposes. For ads, organic reach doesn’t matter. It’s all about the volume and pricing per user.

But what if you want to grow your Pinterest account organically? Well, you can look at it from two perspectives. Yes, there is more competition but there are also more content consumers. Meaning that the total potential market has become more interesting to you. There are just a few key ingredients you need to make it on Pinterest. Bear with me, we'll come to that in a moment.

Pinterest growth statistics 2021

Source: Pinterest

The Pinterest stock skyrocketed! 

Pinterest stocks have been highly profitable if you jumped in at the right time. But what happened during this period? Ironically, Pinterest has benefited massively from the pandemic because more people sat at home. Especially Pinterest was interesting because Pinterest generates ideas for people e.g. to renovate their home or grow their food. Now the question is, is Pinterest saturated? Or is there still more room to grow. I think there is still a lot of room for Pinterest. At this moment, Pinterest is popular among Western countries and mostly focuses on women between 25-34. If it finds a way to expand to the east and get men hooked on, then there is plenty of room to grow.

Pinterest stock

Is Pinterest saturated then?

Does that mean that Pinterest is saturated?  Pinterest is more saturated than it was a couple of years ago. Before it was easy to get huge traffic by simply uploading a pin to your board. Nowadays it’s not that easy anymore.

Certain niches like travel or marketing are known to be highly competitive. Therefore it is important to niche down. Because you can still get solid traffic to your Pinterest account if you focus on the right niche.

Additionally, make sure to optimize your Pinterest for SEO. Pinterest is a search engine-like platform. Meaning that it makes use of keywords and image tags to identify what the Pin is about and for who it's meant. For instance, if you write about Croatia, include Croatia in your image name and title.

7 Pinterest SEO tips - Is Pinterest saturated? Not if you do this 😉

In the previous chapters, I wondered: is Pinterest saturated? We talked about the fact that Pinterest can still drive amazing traffic to your website or affiliate link. However, we also concluded that you’ll need to make use of proper Pinterest SEO to make your content stand out. Therefore I am giving you 7 Pinterest SEO tips to help you grow.

  • Keywords in the headline
  • Add keywords to your description
  • Your image  name should also contain keywords
  • Write a description for your board
  • Add a link to your image (own website or affiliate product)
  • Optimize your profile for SEO
  • Make use of hashtags

Pinterest SEO tips explanation

Keywords in the headline: include the keywords you want to rank for in your headline. Preferably, you’ll place them in the first part of the headline. It gives a signal to Pinterest that the words are important.

Add keywords to your description: as a rule, insert your keyword at least 2 times in your description. Additionally, don't add unnecessary keywords because it will only confuse the algorithm. Yes, the algorithm is sophisticated but it's not nearly as intelligent as Google's. Keep it simple.

Your image name should also contain keywords: make sure you rename your image filename and include keywords. For instance, if you write about Highlander whisky, then make sure your filename has Highlander whisky in it. Never have file names like IMG001. They don’t help you score.

Write a description for your board: just like your Pin, you can also write a description for your Board. Help Pinterest to identify what your content is about and include your keywords. Don’t make the text too long or complicated. It will only confuse the algorithm.

Add a link to your image (own website or affiliate product): having visitors is fun, but you want them to do something. Either you'll want to drive traffic to your website or make affiliate sales. Therefore you'll need to add website links to your content. You can find this option at the bottom of 'make a Pin'.

Optimize your profile for SEO: make use of keywords in your username and description. Additionally, don't forget to add a website. Either your website or the website of your affiliate program.

Make use of hashtags: did you know that Pinterest allows hashtags? Now, it isn’t as strong as hashtags for Twitter or Instagram. However, it’s still an additional traffic source you should use. Try to include 2 hashtags per post. No hashtag spam.

Is Pinterest satured? No, but how do you score?

I know that you are busy. However, I also know that you'll want to make use of Pinterest to earn more money. So, what's the solution to this dilemma? For myself, it meant that I had to automate Pinterest to save me time and guard my consistency. I was looking for a Pinterest-specific tool. A tool that understood the Pinterest algorithm because it differs a lot compared to Instagram or Tik Tok.Additionally, is Pinterest saturated? No, but we know that we must work harder than before to get solid traffic. That’s why our Pinterest tool needs to help us score.

Tailwind - The Pinterest Automation tool!

After a long search, I found the perfect tool for growing on Pinterest. It’s called Tailwind. With Tailwind you can optimize your Pins, automate the posting with a scheduler, get better Pinterest analytics, and grow your Pinterest. For instance, Tailwind can automatically personalize your images by adding your logo, fonts, and brand colors. Furthermore, Tailwind helps you to find communities to extend your reach and find new audiences. These team-ups will help you to beat the Pinterest algorithm and grow your follower count.

Try Tailwind for free! Tailwind is an official Pinterest Partner, meaning that Pinterest has approved the software and confirmed its safety. So why shouldn't you make use of this free trial and try if Tailwind will help you grow? With the free trial, you can post 100 Pinterest pins with Tailwind. That's plenty to find out whether Tailwind is a good solution for you.

Tailwind for Pinterest

After 'is Pinterest satured'…More high-quality content!

Is Pinterest saturated? No, and now you know how to benefit from this. Did our social media article help you further? If so, I’m very glad to hear that. If you are looking for more social media marketing articles to help you grow, please check out the following articles:

If you want me to write about a certain topic, please leave a comment below!

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