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Open To Work LinkedIn – Step by Step Tutorial [5 mins]

July 28, 2021

Open to Work LinkedIn tutorial

Looking for a new job? Maybe the Open To Work LinkedIn feature is something for you! If you’re looking for work, you can let companies and recruiters know that you are available. The tool is quite sophisticated because you can filter on job type and also geolocation. In this article, I will show you how to enable the open to work LinkedIn feature, reverse the process, and also shine a light on what critics have to say about open to work from LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn open to work?

LinkedIn open to work is a relatively new feature from LinkedIn to help users find new jobs. It adds visibility to your profile by giving you the open for work status. Additionally, you’ll be searchable for recruiters based on your specifications. For instance, you can enter the job title, location, and contract type. If this matches with the profile where a recruiter is looking for, then you can receive an InMail. The visibility of your LinkedIn open to work status is entirely dependable on the settings you choose. More about the settings in the upcoming chapter!

How to enable the Open To Work LinkedIn function

Time to show you how to enable the open to work LinkedIn function. It's fast and easy, it will only take you a minute or two. Let's get started! 

  • Click on the me button at the top of your LinkedIn page
  • Select view profile
LinkedIn view profile

This will open up your profile which looks like the following.

how to Open to work LinkedIn
  • Click on the Open to button
  • Select Finding a new job

You will be redirected to a menu where you can enter your job preferences.

Job titles: enter the type of job you are looking e.g. account manager

Job locations: this will determine which recruiters see your open to work LinkedIn status based on the geolocation you provide. For instance, if you fill in Amsterdam you will only be shown to recruiters around the Amsterdam area.

Alternatively, you can select I’m open to remote work if you want to work from home. This will broaden your results by a lot. However, it also increases the chance of lower-quality offers in my experience. 

Start date: enter your preferred start date. This also shows the necessity and eagerness of your search. Are you just looking out of curiosity or do you need a job asap?

Job type: this will tell the type of contract you are looking for. For instance, a full-time job or an internship.

LinkedIn open to work menu

After you have made your preferences known, make sure to click on the Add to profile button.

Otherwise nothing will happen... 

Open to work LinkedIn – Recruiters only

Are you just looking around for opportunities but you don't want your employer to know this? In that case, make sure you select the right settings at the bottom of the menu. Click on the drop-down slider at Choose who sees you’re open.

can my employer see that im looking for a job on linkedin

Select Recruiters only if you don’t want your current employer to see your status. It provides a level of protection although it’s not 100% guaranteed.

This mode is also great if you don’t want nosey people to know that you are potentially looking for a new job.

You can find the in-depth privacy policy of LinkedIn here.

Automatic disabling of ‘open to work LinkedIn’ if…

LinkedIn will track whether or not you are making active use of the open to work LinkedIn feature. They want to keep the engagement levels high and stimulate people to actively do business together. If you don’t reply to InMails from recruiters you will get an email from LinkedIn. In this mail, you'll be asked if you are still open to work or if your situation has changed. If LinkedIn doesn't receive confirmation, they will automatically remove your LinkedIn open to work status.

Warning! Be aware of  these 5 potential dangers

LinkedIn open to work can be a great feature if you are looking for work. However, over the past few months, there are more and more critics. Some are invalid opinions but there are also accredited job coaches who have joined this movement. In this topic, we will discuss what the critics have to say to give you a complete view of the pros and cons of the LinkedIn open to work feature.

Low-quality job offers

ne of the disadvantages of open to work LinkedIn is the increased amount of bad offers. Enabling LinkedIn open to work suggests a sense of urgency. Therefore you'll see recruiters trying to give you less favorable conditions. Of course, this is only a portion of the recruiters we are talking about. Nonetheless, it can be quite annoying to receive trash offers.

Attract scammers

unfortunately, the scammers have also found the open to work LinkedIn feature very handy. So if you are going to use it, please make sure to check out recruiters and companies before you click on anything they send you.

Make yourself less attractive:

the main reason critics are against the open to work LinkedIn feature is because it makes you less attractive, according to their opinion. They compare it with trying to get a date and being too eager. It makes you look desperate and therefore you are less attractive. Some recruiters prefer to find people who aren't looking for jobs. It's their philosophy that there is a reason why someone is employed and why others aren't. It's one strategy to find good quality employees, however, I think that you will miss a lot of talent with this tactic.  

There are better ways to stand out:

enabling a setting is not something that makes you stand out from the others. I still believe that the best way to impress people on LinkedIn is by making a killer post. Something that differentiates you and shows companies what kind of person you are. Videos are by far the best method to do this successfully.

Risk discovery:

there is always a risk to be discovered by your current employer. They might have recruiters in their network who can see your status and warn your employer. Alternatively, some HR departments even go as far as creating fake accounts to check the status of their employees.

LinkedIn open to work photo frame removal

If you have selected to share your open to work LinkedIn status with all LinkedIn members, then your profile will automatically get an open to work photo frame around it. You can remove the LinkedIn photo frame in two ways:

  1. Remove your open to work status
  2. Select recruiters only

Remove your open to work status: if you have satisfied your job needs and are no longer in need of job offers, simply go over to your profile> open to > scroll down and click on remove from profile.

Alternatively, if you are still looking for a job but you don’t want the photo frame, go again to profile>open to> choose who sees you’re open to> recruiters only. Now you will be still searching for jobs but only recruiters can see your status. This also removes the LinkedIn photo frame as it's automatically added when you select that all members can see your status.

Removing open to work LinkedIn

Removing the open to work LinkedIn status is just as easy and fast as enabling it. It's the same steps but instead of adding you will be removing it from your profile

  1. Go to my profile
  2. Click on open to
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  4. Click on the button that says remove from profile

Afterward, go back to your profile and check if you successfully removed the open to work LinkedIn status from your profile.

Can my employer see that I’m looking for jobs on LinkedIn?

If you’ve enabled the wrong settings, yes your employer can see that you are looking for jobs on LinkedIn. However, if you have the right settings enabled, then you will drastically minimize the chance of getting noticed by your employer. You might be thinking: "drastically minimize? Mark, I want to be guaranteed that my employer doesn't find out.' I understand and I would love to give you that guarantee, however, it wouldn't be true. HR departments are cunning and some companies create fake accounts to check on the status of their employees. There is also a chance that a recruiter from your employer's network sees your status and alerts your employer. There is always a risk with this feature!

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The Open for work LinkedIn feature is just one of the many functions that LinkedIn has to offer you. LinkedIn is increasingly trying to create a better user experience and they are doing a tremendous job. Slowly but steadily, LinkedIn is gaining terrain on other platforms because of the quality of the environment they offer.

There is one function, in particular, that is very useful. We are talking about the LinkedIn private mode. With private mode, you can check out someone's page without them knowing. This is great if you want to check out a potential lead or suspicious-looking profile.

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