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Welcome to Mark'd Agency! An online marketing agency specialized in social media marketing. On this page we want to take you through the world of social, and why we can be the ideal partner for you.

We live in an era where social media has become a research tool. Why should a customer choose you over the competitor? Can you be trusted? Is there ''social proof''? Social media marketing is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and make people more aware of what you have to offer.

It is important to be consistent on social media and let everyone hear from you regularly. Because sooner or later, competitors will do the same. In fact, it can no longer be ignored. This makes it even more important to embrace this modern media and to let it grow with your company in a structured way.

We exist to give great companies the attention they deserve. To be able to really help entrepreneurs grow their business. And for us, there is no better way to help you than by using our expertise and passion for social media marketing. Your business matters and people need to know that. So together, we can bring more value to the world.

It is good to know that we have deliberately chosen for a small-scale agency. This is for us the way to demonstrably help our clients. Thanks to this exclusivity we can devote our personal attention and ensure short lines of communication. Furthermore, you will be dealing with two driven entrepreneurs (fixed contact persons). Nothing is more annoying than being sent from pillar to post.

Keep reading to find out why outsourcing your social media to Mark'd Agency could be interesting.

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Why outsource your social media

to Mark'd Agency?

Of course, anyone can make an Instagram post or put an advertisement on Google. Why should you outsource your social media marketing? Expertise. After all, posting social media posts or setting up Ad campaigns is not the difficulty. The difference is in monitoring, adjusting, and the gathering of data. It is also important to be consistent and to optimize the content for the different algorithms (platforms). Each platform has its own algorithm!

The algorithm can work against you without you knowing it, because your posts are not properly optimized for the specific platform. This will reduce your reach considerably - and that, of course, is a shame. And being consistent doesn't mean that you have to post something every day. In fact, it's about sticking to a pattern. That you let prospects or customers hear from you on a regular basis. If you post content impulsively, like, 5 weeks you post content and then 2 weeks you don't, it will work against you.

You ensure structural growth

Outsourcing your social media to recognized specialists like us ensures a structural growth of your social media channels - whilst you can fully focus on doing what you love or where you're good at. We want to get the most out of our content. Of course, this also requires a good dose of creativity, and fortunately we are filled with this! Furthermore, outsourcing to a specialist can be more lucrative than hiring a social media specialist: for 500 euros per month we will take full care of 2-3 channels!

Social media is our passion and our company is our lifestyle. For you, this means that you can hear from us from morning till night.

As mentioned before, Mark'd Agency is a small-scale marketing agency on purpose. This characterizes us by personal attention and short lines of communication. You'll not be sent from pillar to post, but you'll deal with two driven entrepreneurs who work all day long in the world of social media marketing.

Deep knowledge of the many social media platforms

Often the concept of ''social media'' is considered as one whole. But each platform has its own ''social media''. What do we mean by this? For example, what works well on Instagram may not work well on LinkedIn. For example, think about the popular Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories. Furthermore, Instagram works like a window: it allows the customer to look into your company from the outside and experience what it's like. LinkedIn is thereby the platform to showcase your expertise and distinctiveness.

We have expertise in the largest and most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Perhaps you're using one platform, which would be better if you replaced it with another. There's never one way that works well for everyone. Every business is unique, and depending on your goals, we can choose the social media platforms that works best for you.

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Each social media platform has a different target audience, and on every platform, users have different intentions. For example, did you know that Pinterest is primarily used for inspiration? Where people go to before they buy something? Moreover, it appears that Pinterest gets people in a positive shopping mood. Very interesting, of course. And if you have a webshop or if you're planning to have one in the future, Pinterest will greatly benefit to your performance.

You will choose specialists

We would like to emphasize this one more time. Because unfortunately, our field is unprotected and anyone can pose himself as a specialist. All too often we have had conversations with entrepreneurs who had a bad experience with 'a social media agency'. We only do social media & online marketing activities, and no other marketing work. That means you'll have a true social media specialist at your disposal (for both social media management and advertising).

"You have a problem with your shoulder. Would you rather be helped by a specialist or by a general physical therapist?"

You need to invest in knowledge daily to keep up in this swirling world. You simply can't do that as a general marketer, because then you have to spread your attention too much. Besides, we have an extensive arsenal of tools that provide us with more in-depth data. That means we can better measure and improve your performance.

Join Mark'd Agency

Social media experts

We are recognized specialist in social media, Social Ads, and also Google Ads. 

Constant monitoring

We immediately act when we find any opportunities or threats. Based on the data, we can get the maximum out of your content.

Find the right channel

We combine your marketing goals with the strengths of specific social media platforms.


Social media marketing is scalable. Do you want to grow even faster? Then consider a boosted post or reinvest in Social Ads and snowball to success!

Our Unique Social Media Approach

How do we approach it?

First of all, we're going to listen to you. And oddly enough, that's something most clients are not used to. Often they tell about their previous agency who immediately came up with solutions. "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Invest everything in X instead of Z."

Such nonsense. There is no solution that works well for everyone.

No, instead we are going to listen to you first and foremost. What are your marketing goals? What do you want to achieve with your wonderful business. Based on a nice conversation (and a cup of coffee), we will work together to come up with the best approach for your business. Perhaps you want brand awareness as a baker, then Pinterest could be right for you. Or do you want to sell your cosmetics product? TikTok ads works tremendously well for that.

Whatever your goal is, we will look for the best channel for you. A handcrafted strategy that works explicitly for you. At Mark'd agency, you are at the center. You get a reliable partner with in-depth knowledge who gets the most out of every euro (or dollar) for you.


Suppose you let us take care of all your social media activities for a fixed amount of 500 euros per month. For this, we optimize 2-3 channels and provide 6 optimized posts per week. All we need from you is (raw) content. We'll edit it for you, optimize it, and place it on the right channel at the most favorable times. It will be a constant process, and that's why we provide you with a social media content calendar.

What is a social media content calendar? It contains all the content we are going to post for you in a month. Therefore, you know exactly what you can expect from us. To get the most out of your content, we don't want to fill the calendar for a year or even 3 months. Because depending on the data and results, we will adjust our strategy if necessary.

You can reach us from morning to evening. Are we closed after 5 o'clock? Never. We don't know about closing times. Of course, we make sure that we're fully charged to keep creating great content!

Success is a habit for us!

Baerz & Co

"A partner skilled in all forms of online advertising"

Mark takes care of the entire online marketing for us. From phrase ads to display ads on Google, everything is taken care of down to the last detail. They also created a social media masterclass for us which was very well received. In short: a great agency!


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"Mark'd's creativity has provided unimaginable organic growth."

Mark'd Agency is best when you let them get creative. Instead of the usual 40 views on posts we suddenly got 2000 views per post. You can outsource your social media to Mark and his team with confidence.


Social media management and advertising

Outsource your social media management to Mark'd Agency.

So, what can we do for you? Well, we are recognized partners of most social media platforms. Our knowledge of organic and paid growth is built on years of experience and weekly trainings/courses. 

This results in an expert status in the areas of:

Instagram marketing
Facebook marketing
Twitter marketing
Pinterest marketing
Tiktok marketing
Snapchat marketing
YouTube Ads
Google Ads & Bing Ads

We can both manage your social media (and grow it organically), as well as run paid ads to get the most out of your social media. The combination of organic and paid traffic will ultimately lead to the best results.

Outsourcing your social media management to the social media experts at Mark'd will ensure you that: you'll waste less money, you'll have more time for what is important to you, and you'll ultimately get a better return. 


Social Media Management¹ 


A solid growth of your social media channels




  • 2-3 channels
  • 24 posts per month
  • Weekly monitoring

This package is for fast growth and an aggressive approach





  • 5+ channels
  • 45 posts per month
  • 6 Boosted posts!
  • Daily monitoring
  • A/B testing

¹ In addition we will optimize your social media channels (increase organic reach) and link them to our advanced social media tools that see more data than the standard dashboards. 

² For Optimum's boosted posts, we charge 200-400 euros in ad budget. For Growth, we charge 400-800 euro ad budget.


Social Media Advertising¹ & Google Ads²


For advertising budgets of around € 1000 




  • 1 channel
  • 4 unique ads 
  • Daily adjustments
  • Monitoring with software

If online growht is your KEY strategy!

10.000> budget




  • 3 or more channels
  • 8 or more unique ads
  • + pros of Rocket
  • Comment boosting

¹  In addition we will optimize your social media channels (increase organic reach) and link them to our advanced social media tools that see more data than the standard dashboards. 

²  The same Ad budgets apply for Google Ads, apart from the number of channels and unique ads. This is determined in consultation with the client. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why social media marketing

Because social media marketing is a direct form of marketing. The majority of marketers indicated they will invest substantially more in social media next year because of its effectiveness.

Why social media management

For shoulder problems, would you rather go to a specialist or a general physio? A social media expert gets more results out of every euro.

What is social media marketing

Social media marketing are all activities aimed at promoting or bringing attention to a product, service, or brand.

How many social media are there

Too many. But to name the most popular: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and more.

How to use social media for your business

By creating a mix of paid ads and content to get people excited about your brand. Any organization can find a suitable platform.

Is outsourcing social media management to Mark'd wise?

Ask our customers! We have never had to say goodbye to an unhappy customer. We are entrepreneurs who do social media for fellow entrepreneurs. That is an honor we take very seriously. In addition, we invest in more knowledge every week. Our profession is our life.

Best advertising platform for beginners

There is no solution that works for everyone. However, in most cases it's smart to start with Google Ads.

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