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ZOOF Review 2021 – NEW best Amazon research tool?

August 4, 2021

Zoof Amazon research tool

Zoof Review 2021 Summary


  • Highly advanced and intelligent  
  • Data comes directly from Amazon
  • Find profitable product ideas
  • Tools are complementary
  • More affordable than Helium 10


  • Lacks a proper inventory management system  
  • 14-day trial requires a credit card
  • No free extension


Zoof is a data-focused Amazon research tool that helps you to find profitable products by extracting data directly from Amazon. The algorithm is intelligent and works better than its competition. Additionally, Zoof works smarter and you can have all the information you need within a few clicks. The tool is affordable with a price of $95 per month.  There are only two downsides. First, Zoof lacks a proper inventory management system which you'll need to complement with different software. Second, the 14-day free trial requires you to leave your credit card data and it will automatically start a subscription after the 14 days. It's a bit of an old-school sales tactic that doesn't suit the company.

Overall, Zoof is the best Amazon research tool based upon its precise data and smart working solutions. It still has some work to do regarding inventory management, but I’m sure this will be addressed shortly.

Why would you consider Zoof?

Zoof claims to be the industry-leading business intelligence. Meaning they have better data & analytics than their competition. For example, Zoof has a smart tool where you can select your budget at the start of the project. Afterward, you can select categories you are interested in. Zoof will search through its database and look for the best opportunities. Zoof was founded by Amazon FBA experts who have worked with all the different tools. They loved the data behind the tools but felt that it wasn’t organized smart and efficient. That’s why they decided to make their own Amazon toolkit with a focus on precise data and working smart.

Best tools and features: Step-by-Step

Ok so Zoof is the new sheriff in town, right? What do they have to offer and why would we consider a subscription? In this chapter, we are going to break down the different tools and features that Zoof has to offer. I will look especially if there is any added value to the already available tools. Is Zoof just another Helium 10 or Jungle Scout? Or is it better? Let’s find out.

Zoof – Product Research

Probably the most exciting set of tools of them all. With the product research tools, you can look for profitable product ideas. You can calculate what it will cost you and how much profit you can expect. It takes factors like pricing, freight costs, and net margins into account. This allows you to make business decisions based on solid data. Did you know that 94.1% of store owners and marketers analyze their competitors products? (Shopgram, 2021)

Zoof product research

Opportunity Finder

There she is, my favorite tool that can bring joy or tears to your face. Opportunity Finder is a product research tool that allows you to find high-demand, low-competition products. The tool is remarkably fast and easy to analyze. It's more user-friendly than Jungle Scout and stands equal to Helium 10. One thing I prefer from Zoof is that you can access all relevant information with a few clicks. It’s designed intelligently and more efficiently.  

Opportunity Analyzer

After you find an opportunity, it’s time to research it further with the opportunity analyzer. With opportunity analyzer, you can research products with precise sales estimates, monthly revenue, daily sales trends, review count trends, and more. This data is backed by billions of Amazon data points to help you make founded choices based on high success odds. Opportunity analyzer is also available through the Zoof Chrome extension.

Profit Calculator

I love the profit calculator, it’s an easy-to-use tool to help you calculate how much you could potentially earn from your product idea. It takes metrics like manufacturing, storage fees, transportation, and more into account. Additionally, it shows you how much your ROI (return on investment) will be. Tip: keep an eye on the profit margin metric. A healthy product margin should always be 30% or higher. Smaller profit margins are dangerous for your business. For example, unexpected spillage could bankrupt you if your cash on hand is too low.  

Zoof profit calculator

Zoof – Keyword Research

Besides products, you can search for keywords with the sophisticated algorithm of Zoof. It helps you to find profitable and relevant keywords that you can use in your promotion, listing optimization, advertising, and more. Keywords are essential for good Amazon visibility.

Zoof keyword research

Keyword Finder

I was amazed by the accuracy of the keyword finder tool. Zoof extracts the data directly from hundreds of millions of Amazon data points. Its accuracy reminds me of the SEO tool KWFinder which I use for my website. Both are extremely accurate and offer you relevant and profitable keywords. You will need these keywords to optimize your listing, run successful ad campaigns, and more.

Important note: Google SEO tools are not suitable for Amazon keywords. That’s why you should use an Amazon keyword tool to properly optimize your listing.

Reverse ASIN

The sophisticated Zoof algorithm allows you to reverse engineer the top keywords for ASINs. Reverse ASIN is lightning fast compared to the older tools. It took me only a few seconds before it handed me the data I was looking for. You can filter for the data you are looking e.g. search volume, total monthly sales, average reviews, etc.

Misspelling Checker

You will be amazed by the amount of misspelled searches every month. Often people will type too fast and mix up one letter. These searches are still valid keywords and most of the times sellers don't make use of these typos. These accidental keywords are easy to rank for and are easy money for you. Most Amazon FBA software providers don’t provide a misspelling checker which is a shame because it’s a tremendous opportunity.

Zoof – Listing Optimization

Finding a good product is only the beginning of a profitable Amazon business. You’ll want to get on the top of the search results to maximize your profit and grow your business. Therefore it’s crucial to optimize your listing with the listing optimization tool.

Listing optimization

Listing Editor

The listing editor makes it easy to write an optimized text that will help you to get a better ranking within Amazon. It helps you to include profitable, high-volume keywords in your listing. The keywords are extracted directly from Amazon, making them highly trustworthy. A properly optimized listing will move you up in Amazon and receive significantly more traffic. Conquering position 1 in your product category will earn you a lot of money.

Keyword Processor

Keyword processor disassembles the keywords you provide and checks your listening and text for potential keywords you have missed. It gives suggestions for the most beneficial keywords and helps you neatly structure your listing. If you optimize your keyword distribution, you will increase in ranking, attract more traffic, and sell more products.  

Index Checker

The index checker shows you which keywords you are and aren't index on Amazon. Make sure to remember this tool because it will prevent a lot of pain. There is nothing worse than profitable keywords being excluded from the index. Alternatively, you can also check if your competitor is missing out on keyword opportunities. Hijack the keywords and increase your profit.

Zoof – Launch & Rank

Create super URLs and track the customer journey of your product. What bottleneck do you discover regarding your conversions? Additionally, add pixels to retarget your audience and lead them back to your products. Keep track of the rankings around you to make calculated business decisions.

Amazon Launch & rank

URL Builder

URL builder allows you to create any type of super URL. Within a few seconds, you can build a super-URL with custom tracking for retargeting, and more. Additionally, you can add a Facebook pixel or Google analytics as well. The goal of this tool is to retrieve data from URLs and adapt your business strategy.

Rank Checker

Rank checker is a business intelligence tool that gives you real-time ranking statistics. You can check the keyword rankings of any product or keyword. This data can be used to improve your rankings or beat your competition. Ultimately, it's the business intelligence that empowers you to make better business decisions. Use this tool frequently to keep track of what is happening within your product niche.

Zoof - Analyze & Monitor

Analyze & monitor is the name for the set of tools that help you to form the best business strategy. It shows you all the data you need to make decisions regarding margins, costs, and more. The dashboard is clean, looks beautiful, and is UX-friendly.

Zoof Analyze monitor

Profit Dashboard

The profit dashboard is one of my favorite tools. It gives you a clear overview of your business performance. You can make the dashboard as detailed as you want. From a year overview to day-to-day, it's all within the scope of the tool. Preferably, you will check the dashboard every day and review your business strategy every quarter based on the revenue, costs, fees, profit, inventory, and more.

Rank Tracker

With the rank tracker, you get unlimited product ranking possibilities. This will give insight into the performance of your products or your competitor's. Alternatively, you can use the rank tracker to keep an eye on potential products in which you want to invest later on. Use this level of business intelligence wisely to alter your course when needed or if an opportunity presents itself. However, always properly research before you act on data.


You can set alerts that will trigger if there are significant changes with your rankings. This way, you'll be alerted in time to make adjustments where applicable. Alerts can trigger both upsurges or falls. If you notice a fall, please cross-reference your data for seasonality of the product, political issues, or substitution of your product. Conduct proper research before you act.

Zoof Chrome extension

Zoof also comes with a handy Chrome extension that enables you to find valuable data when you are browsing on Amazon. This is a great little tool and you will be surprised by how often you will use it. You can stumble upon great ideas whilst you are doing Christmas shopping. The Zoof Chrome extension comes together with the subscription. You don’t have to pay extra for it. All you have to do is go to the Chrome store and follow the instructions.

Note: the Zoof Chrome extension is for customers only. There is no free version.

Zoof pricing

You might be wondering where the other plans are. Well, there are no other plans! Zoof has a unique pricing strategy as they only offer the platinum plan for $97 per month. With this plan you get access to all 17 tools, track 5,000 keywords & unlimited products, connect up to 5 seller central accounts and add up to 4 additional sub-users. Zoof is a highly advanced Amazon selling toolkit with more than 17 tools to choose from. Priced at $97 per month, I find this fairly priced considering its high-tech features.

Zoof pricing

Free trial for 14-days!

If you want to check out this tool for free, then you might be interested in the 14-day free trial. It’s a great way to try out the different tools and compare them to Helium 10 or Jungle Scout. 14 days is a considerable time to test and you should be able to make up your mind within this timeframe. There is one aspect of the free trial which I dislike. You have to leave your credit card number and it will automatically subscribe if you don't cancel in time.

Zoof vs Helium 10

How does Zoof’s pricing do against Helium 10? Zoof only has one payment plan where Helium 10 offers you 3. However, does that mean you pay too much for Zoof in comparison to Helium 10? No, you don’t. In the upcoming paragraphs, we are going to compare the features. 

Helium 10 has a starters plan but that's barely an option. You only get full access to Xray and limited access to the other tools. It slows down your progress and you will make a lot of mistakes because of the incompleteness of your toolkit. If we move on to the platinum plan, then we can start to properly compare Zoof vs Helium 10. Both platinum plans are $97 per month.

So what is the difference?  With Helium 10 you get 2,500 keyword tracking per month against the 5,000 of Zoof. Even more importantly, Helium 10 only allows a single user. Zoof allows you to work with 5 users (1 main and 4 sub-users). Overall, the Zoof platinum plan is more user-friendly and has richer features. 

zoof vs helium 10

Zoof vs Jungle Scout

Zoof is the newcomer, Jungle Scout the old dog. What makes them different and which one is the smart money? All the pricing plans of Jungle Scout are cheaper than Zoof platinum. Jungle Scout professional is the most expensive plan for $84 per month vs $97 per month for Zoof.  Now let’s compare the features

The cheaper plans of Jungle Scout can't compete with the feature richness of Zoof. That’s why we are going to compare Jungle Scout professional with Zoof platinum. Both plans allow you to track 5,000 keywords and allow multiple users to log in. Zoof beats Jungle Scout with the number of seller central accounts that you are allowed to connect.

However, Jungle Scout has more to offer when you look at inventory management. In my opinion, Zoof is the smarter and better analytics & data tool. It's more user-friendly and has smart functions that will make you a lot more efficient. On the other hand, inventory management is a very important part of your Amazon FBA business. Zoof is barely adding any value to inventory management whereas Jungle Scout is massively adding value.

If you want the best toolkit, then I suggest you buy Zoof and look for an independent inventory management software to strengthen the data-focused Zoof. This will optimize your results, but it does cost more than Jungle Scout. Alternatively, you can buy Jungle Scout to have a complete Amazon FBA toolkit. Keep in mind though that Jungle Scout’s data research tools are inferior to Zoof.

Zoof vs Jungle Scout

Final verdict

There are so many great Amazon FBA tools out there like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout. Do we need another one? I was very skeptical at the start of my research, but Zoof did it. They changed my mind by making their tools smarter than their competition. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Zoof will show you profitable product ideas that will work for you.

Zoof is connected to the Amazon database and offers high-quality business intelligence. With the smart Profit Calculator, you can calculate exactly how much net profit you will make after fees and production costs. Additionally, besides showing product ideas you will also be shown potential suppliers from different platforms like Alibaba. Zoof isn't groundbreaking better than its competition. No, but it does every aspect of the Amazon FBA game just a bit smarter than its competition. Making it a smart choice if you want to run an efficient Amazon business.

Additionally, you pay a fair price for this business intelligence. Compared to Helium 10, Zoof offers you better value for money and it’s equal in value to Jungle Scout’s pricing plans. Zoof is the better business intelligence tool and Jungle Scout offers more regarding inventory management. Overall, the pricing is fair and highly competitive.

However, keep in mind that you will probably need another piece of software to deal with Amazon inventory management. Inventory management is a place where a lot of money is lost by the majority of Amazon sellers. Zoof focuses on the business intelligence side and doesn’t offer much value to inventory management. If you want the best business intelligence and inventory management, then I suggest you buy Zoof and look for a separate inventory management tool.

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About the author 

Mark Verwoert

When I'm not making killer branding strategies, you will find me traveling through Scotland

  • Hey Mark great analysis thank you! When you mention a separate inventory management tool do yu have any ideas for one? I am struggling with that aspect and would love some help.

    • Hey AT, thank you so much for your kind comment!

      There are 3 options you can go with

      1. Free option: use Excel to track your inventory. Excel was used as the to-go tool back in the day. It still works good. However, it does require a lot from you as a seller to keep the data up to date.
      2. FreshService: Freshservice is a seperate inventory management tool that will help you with asset management, purchasing, and projected analysis. Freshservice only costs 17 dollars.
      3. For the Amazon Pro: buy Junglescout together with Zoof. It might be strange but bear with me. Zoof is more intelligent but Junglescout has a solid inventory system. Additionally, you can use JS as a benchmark tool to check the product ideas of Zoof. This way, you’ll get more data to base your decisions on.

      I hope that helps!



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